What is Google Discover and How to Optimize?

Google Discover: It is the Google feature that I met with instant traffic increase. 🙂

What is Google Discover?

It’s a feature in Google’s app that recommends content to users based on past Google searches. It became available in September 2018. This feature puts emphasis on videos and images.

The Google Discover design looks like this:

Why is Google Discover Important?

First of all, I can say this. If you discover this event and are successful in implementing it, you can consistently get natural traffic. Think about it, you are constantly in front of the audience that is directly interested in you. This will be an ever-growing audience. An incredible resource for both your branding and your site’s overall traffic.

Focusing here doesn’t mean you can’t care about the SEO side. Ohhh discover it, even if I don’t do SEO anymore. Anyhow, saying that traffic is flowing and being complacent will be suicide for your site.

I have come to you with very good suggestions for optimizing your website for Google Discover. Considering the suggestions I will make, you can take your place in the Discover resource.

Things To Do To Get Out On Google Discover

  • You should produce content that will attract the attention of your target audience and do this regularly.
  • Produce content with high quality images. Use at least 6 images in the content. These images should not exceed 200 KB in size. (This is shared based on my experience.)
  • Focus on branding. Give a signal of confidence. Increasing the brand searches will give a trust signal to Google.
  • You must ensure that your content includes Video.
  • Your content should include areas such as clear dates and the author section.
  • You should not include copyrighted content.
  • You should not include graphics and videos that contain violence.
  • You should optimize your site and content for mobile devices.
  • You should stay away from producing hateful content.
  • Ensure that the content you produce reaches your target audience quickly.

Producing Content Suitable for the Target Audience

If you know your target audience well, you can quickly produce content that will attract their attention. My last 3 posts were featured in explore. If you want to review these contents, you can visit the two links below.


What am I doing? I am developing strategies that will enable them to spend a lot of time on my site, even if they leave my site, stop, there was such content on Blograf’s site, let’s see, and bring them back to my site. I really enjoy doing this. In the last 4 content, I showed a little more effort and care. My purpose was not to enter explore, but we did. 🙂

Use High Quality Images

Pages with high-quality images or videos perform better in Explore. Discover not only offers single images and videos, it also prioritizes pages where the image links directly to the content. Make sure your images are compressed, at least 1,200 pixels wide, have a descriptive filename and alt tag.

Branding and Trust Signal

I include this subject in both my online and physical trainings. One of the most important issues. Great things can happen if Google gets the trust signal. You will see the benefits of this both on the organic and on the discover side. For branding, it can be domain name selection, content, advertisement, emotional bond with users and many more. Reach more users with advertisements, retarget the users you reach, do not manage social media casually, establish emotional bonds, give gifts and rewards. Develop your own branding strategies.

Deliver Your Content to Your Target Audience

Deliver your published content quickly to your target audience. This can be through social media accounts they follow, push, remarketing ads, sms or mail marketing. Especially if you trust many of your content, do these digital marketing strategies on your Home Page, not directly on the content. Then you can see a lot of your content in Discover.

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