Google Rewards Sites Using HTTPS

Google Starts Offering Ranking Advantage to Secure HTTPS/SSL Sites

Google has announced that sites with HTTPS (2048-bit SSL) will have a slight advantage in ranking.
Google stated that the advantage would be seen as a “very light signal” in the current ranking algorithm. As a matter of fact, this phrase has a meaning that “it will be a much lighter signal than high-quality content”. According to the test data obtained, Google states that the said effect is “less than 1% of global queries”; Google wants to strengthen this effect and make sites more secure by switching all site owners from HTTP to HTTPS.

Based on testing results over the past few months, Google has stated that HTTPS signals yield “positive results” in Google search results.

Matt Cutts, one of the important names of Google, stated a few months ago that he wanted to use SSL as a ranking factor in Google’s algorithm. After almost 5 months, Google made it a reality.

HTTPS Concerns for SEO

If you switch from HTTP to HTTPS, you don’t have to worry too much about SEO. Google has been saying this for years and says it’s a safe move. However, while doing this, you need to avoid affecting your traffic values ​​by considering some steps. You should contact Google and state that your site has been migrated from HTTP to HTTPS. Even if Google will publish a guide on this subject in the future, it has shared a few tips for now:

  • You have to decide which certificate you need: single domain or multiple domain certificate etc.
  • You must use certificates with 2048-bit encryption.
  • You should use the corresponding URL addresses for resources located in a similar secure domain.
  • For all other domains, you must use protocol-appropriate URL addresses.
  • You should learn how to change the site address by browsing Google’s site migration guide.
  • HTTPS site crawling should not be blocked in the robots.txt file.
  • Whenever possible, you should ensure that search engines index every area of ​​the site. You should avoid using noindex meta tags.

Google has also updated Webmaster Tools to better offer reporting on HTTPS sites.

Finally, the part you should pay attention to is to carefully monitor the transition from HTTP to HTTPS from Webmaster Tools.

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