Link Building Tactics for Local SEO

With the development of technology, most of the local businesses have turned to establishing websites. Their aim was to get ahead of their competitors and meet more demand.

The biggest reason for the interest in digitalization is that people are used to shopping online, especially during the pandemic period.

In this content, I will make suggestions about how the websites established by local businesses can stand out in the targeted region. First, what does local SEO mean? What benefits will it have for us? I would like to start by explaining the answers to questions such as:

What is Local SEO?

Local search is the algorithm that shows the closest site based on location to people who are looking for service in search engines. Local SEO is the name given to all the optimizations made to rank higher in these local searches and to attract local-based customers to your website.

For example, suppose you are a Natural Gas company in New Jersey, a customer from New Jersey searches for a company for natural gas installation and writes the keyword in the search engine. The natural gas company in New York does not make sense in these search results, and it is the natural gas company in New Jersey that will get the job.

With location-based Local SEO, these optimizations are made and the rate of converting the search visitor to the customer increases considerably.

In order to be included in the local SEO service, all information about the business is defined to search engines. Google processes many criteria such as the corporate name of the business, the website, the address if there is an office, the number for contact, the hours and days it works, social media profiles and photos from the work it does.

Why is Local SEO Necessary?

Although local SEO is a SEO method that is frequently used in the Global, it has only just begun to be implemented in Turkey. With the development of technology and the orientation of all local companies to the internet sector, local SEO continues to gain meaning. Let’s answer the question of why local SEO is needed, with the following items:

  • 8 out of 10 people who want to get service want to reach the product or service they want by searching the internet. With local SEO, it becomes possible to reach these 8 people and increase the business volume.
  • 6 out of 10 searches made on the Google search engine are local searches. This shows the importance of potential customer volume size.
  • Having a local business page and Google recommending your site in regional search, containing all your information instills confidence in the customer.
  • Out of 10 people who find the companies that provide service by doing a local search, 7 people reach the companies using communication channels such as company number and address shared via Google. The opportunity to meet one-on-one with the customer also has an important place in terms of persuasion.
  • Thanks to the fact that the sites that comply with the local SEO rules are at the top of the search engines and the Google search engine promotes your site, 5 out of 10 people looking for the service buy the service.
  • Since local SEO studies are smaller SEO studies, they are performed with lower budgets compared to general SEO studies and provide faster results.

Local SEO Link Building Tactics

We think you realize that you will have many advantages thanks to local SEO optimizations. So, have you ever thought about what you can do to build a local SEO link? Now I would like to share local SEO link building tactics with you.

Contact Local Sites

You should keep good communication with local sharing sites. In particular, some recommendation blogs will create great opportunities for you to gain customers. For example, you provide car repair services in your area and if there is an active blog or news site in your area, you can contact them and get quality links from these sites.

The type of link can be image or in-content links. You should only choose the websites in the region you serve.

To get such links, you can contact the contact section of the websites. To contact a website, you can review the following steps:

  • Visit the Homepage of the Related Website
    Search For These Phrases At The Top Or Bottom Of The Site “Contact, Imprint, Advertisement, About Us”
  • If A Contact Form Meets You, Fill In The Required Fields And Submit A Form With The Title “I Want To Advertise”
  • If you do not encounter a contact form, contact the company via mail or phone.

Make Sure Your Service Site Has A Blog Section

One of the biggest mistakes service sites make is simply adding products and providing descriptions for products. However, the only way to highlight that site and products is to add blog content. As a result of sharing the articles you have written for any product or service in the blog section, it will enable you to rank in many keywords.

Do you think the content ranking high is the reason because it is a blog post and a readable post? In this case, you are wrong. If the articles you write for the blog refer to the service that leads to the service, its affordable price and its quality, you will have made a direct direction from your blog content to your service. With the detailed explanation of the service in the blog content, you will win the customer.

Although the image above is not related to Local SEO, the same is true for normal websites. You can choose WordPress infrastructure to set up a blog page on your website, and if you use special software, you can activate the blog section.

Use Your Social Media Accounts Actively

Social media is one of the best channels to assist SEO. Although it may seem unnecessary to most people, every share means a link you make to the company. Social media accounts are the most important and most profitable method of link building tactics for local SEO.

Many social media such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Pinterest, and LinkedIn will get you connected for local SEO. With these links, both the search engines will notice that you are active, the corporate atmosphere will be created for the customers and you will rise to the top of the search engines.

Use Google Business Profile

Creating a Google My Business profile is one of the most critical platforms for both your physical store and local SEO. If you still do not have a Google My Business profile, you can create a business at and follow the steps below to optimize your Google My Business Map.

Post Google ADS Ads

This tip is especially important for people on a budget. With Google ADS ads, it is possible for you to appear in the 1st place in the keywords you want and to display ads in your targeted locations. When a customer sees your site in the first place in 3 or 4 different keyword searches with the service you provide, he will be convinced and click and browse. Do not forget to apply this method, which is very useful for link building for local SEO.

Publish Your YouTube Videos

YouTube is an SEO method that Google search engines attach great importance to. The fact that it is not used by many people yet has great advantages. You shared a blog post about any of your services, you made a service description, now it’s time to explain with a YouTube video.

Posting an explanatory and persuasive YouTube video of your service and including a link to the service in the description section of the video will have a significant impact on your Google ranking. YouTube videos, which are a very effective method especially for Local SEO, are a step that every local website should implement.

While placing Google ADS ads, you can only advertise in the region you serve. This can make a great contribution to your website in terms of Local SEO. The most important issue here is that the users coming from the ads have a good experience.

Publish Google My Business Ads

It defines free advertising credits with or without a Google My Business account. With this credit, you can display ads up to a certain limit. Take a step forward in Local SEO by advertising in the regions you target while creating ads.

Don’t assume that the ads you map with My Business Ads will have no effect. Thanks to the activity of the users, you can drive traffic to your website on your map.

Post Ads on Job Sites

One of the indefinite linking methods that can be taken for local SEO is the job posting site. There are many job application sites. On these sites, it is possible to create an unlimited-term job posting with an open membership.

You can add a link to your service in the about section right after you open your membership. You can also open a job posting, link to your site in the description, and have an unlimited link with the option to stay online indefinitely.

Get Discounts and Share on Forums

Undoubtedly, the thing that attracts the attention of the customers the most is the discounts. If he sees the discount text after searching on the Google search engine, the rate of visiting your site reaches around 70%. When we think that this is a serious rate, you have a great opportunity to convince the potential customer.

First, discount your services. Use forum sites to spread your discount and get links. Many of the products and services on sale are shared under the name of “Hot Deals” on the forum. By making a discount, you can output links to your website in these categories and provide the step of linking for local SEO.

Increase Your Awareness Potential as a Sponsor

Sponsoring locally organized events is one of the easiest and most effective methods. Many events, presentations and shows are held locally. In each of these activities, there is a search for sponsors. If you sponsor these activities using your company’s name, you will get a very high quality link.

With the sponsorship link received, you take the first step towards advantages such as brand awareness, increasing the possibility of attracting and persuading potential customers.

Get Your References Commenting

After the quality work done, it is very easy for customers to be directed to comment on that service. You should also direct your customers to comment after the quality work you do. Comments will not only add confidence to the company, but also play an important role in convincing potential customers.

Since each of the comments will be made from your Google business page, you get one extra link for each review. These links will carry you to the top of location-based searches.

In this content, I shared link building tactics for Local SEO with you. If there are techniques you use, you can specify them in the comments.

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